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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

LG rumoured to retire Windows Phone

Windows Phone (2009-) is becoming quite a prominent Mobile OS and can prove as quite a competitor for rivals Android (2008-)  and iOS (2009-).  Android and iOS have been competing head to head in recent months and once Windows Phone gains a larger market share, it will soon be one of them.  LG was one of the first companies to adopt Windows Phone along with HTC and Samsung.  However in recent times, LG has been out-competed in both the Android and the Windows Phone departments by other manufacturers.

In late 2010, Microsoft secured another partnership with Nokia which now use Windows Phone instead of Symbian for their smartphones as described in detail here.  Many other companies such as LG itself, HTC and Samsung produce both Android-powered and Windows Phone-powered smartphones simultaneously.

The main disadvantage of Microsoft's Mobile OS is the limited support; only a few thousand apps (82,000+ apps) from Windows Phone Marketplace run on Windows Phone devices, unlike the flooding Apple App Store (725,000+ apps) and Google Play/Android Market (450,000+ apps).  For example the Skype app on Windows Phone came long after it was released for iOS and Android; this is ironic since both Skype and Windows Phone are owned by Microsoft.

LG smartphones aren't very popular among customers and the disadvantage of Windows Phone mentioned above is a major drawback.  Of course this is just rumoured and LG might not drop Windows Phone after all.

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Source: GSMArena.


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