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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Samsung testing out buttonless devices, 3GB of RAM on board

Sammy is testing out buttonless devices with 3GB of RAM. Will we see some high-end Samsung smartphones by the end of 2013 ?

Prototype handsets suggest Samsung is testing a phone with no buttons and 3GB of RAM - Will we see 3GB of RAM on Samsung's 2013 high-end smartphones?

As you see in the image above no buttons are present and both are labelled "3Gb RAM". It's actually GigaByte not GigaBit as the source of Phonearena pointed it out. These labels are for internal use only. As you know smartphones with 2GB of RAM are quite a few, for example the LG Optimus G. So Samsung could do the major leap forward and introduce this device. I'll keep you updated with the latest news about this prototype as soon as I'll have more news about it.

Source: Phonearena.
Image: Phonearena.


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