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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New author and rumours by Apple

Hello world!  I am a new author to this wonderful and informative blog, I also manage another similar blog called Techbrin.  For my first post, I will be showing you a new rumoured Apple product.

A few weeks before the release of Apple's new iPad (iPad 3) in March, many fans where saying that Apple was going to release a 7 inch iPad known as iPad Mini, to keep up with competitors such as the HTC Flyer or the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  As we know this was not the case and Apple released a new iPad with the same display size of 9.7" with a new Retina Display.

These rumours are resurfacing, however with a new twist.  This "7 inch device" as referred to by many people, can in fact be a variation of the iPod touch instead of the iPad, known by fans as iPod touch XL.  Also with the rumours of a larger display on the upcoming iPhone 5, a new larger iPod wouldn't be a surprise.

Concept size comparison of an iPad Mini against an iPad 1 and an iPhone 3GS

The iPod touch is sometimes referred to as an "endangered species" as many people now opt to carry only one device that does it all instead of carrying a phone and a media player as I wrote in an old post on my blog here.

A smaller iPad/large iPod touch would certainly create a new market for Apple and probably defeat many competitors. Some users are searching for a device that is between the two both in size and in price, and if they can't get that from Apple, they'll look elsewhere!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first post, more to come in the future!


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